Friday, December 21, 2018


Dreddmaster is do-it-yourself one-person homemade grind from the state of Arizona, U.S. The mind behind the project is Dredd, who prefers to call the music "blackened grindcore" that experiments with various genres in order to create a personal brand of DIY extreme noise. The music is very short, loud, obnoxious and super angry about everything under the sun mostly because Dredd hates everyone and everything and the music is the vehicle to express the constant source of frustration that life represents for Dredd. Don’t call Dredd if you are feeling sad and lonely because Dredd’s not going to relax you, Dredd’s going to play some of his grind noise for you and you might get the wrong idea.
Therefore, expect things to get loud, fast and end quickly. Then, expect for things to go a bit sideways, including narration and ambient moments. Dreddmaster is unlimited and bends to the will of the Dredd. Go for the ride, but don't ask where you are going because nobody knows except Dredd, the master, leader, dictatortot, tyrant, czar, emperor, caudillo and commander-in-chief of this ship.
So far the discography consists of the following: The Hardest Brother (2017); No Thanks (2018); A Horse Is a Horse of Course of Course (2018); Killing Fields (2018); Black and Death (2018); Black Forest (2018).

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