Sunday, December 23, 2018

Into Eternity

Into Eternity
The Sirens
release date: October 26th, 2018
1.The Sirens 07:55
2.Fringes of Psychosis 06:58
3.Sandstorm 03:47
4.This Frozen Hell 07:02
5.Nowhere Near 07:17
6.Devoured by Sarcopenia 07:18
7.Fukushima 05:57
8.The Scattering of Ashes 03:48
total time 50:02
This year finally saw the return of Into Eternity. Has it really been ten years since the last album? While it is true that fans have kept checking in on them year after year to see when they would return, at times it seemed like this album might not happen at all. It’s not just the fans, the struggles of the band have taken a toll on the personnel, too. Nevertheless, the persistence has resulted in a brand new Into Eternity album in 2018.
Naturally, there are changes, but the music is still melodic extreme metal, with a healthy portion of prog power in there. The performances show that this music had been baking for a long time before it saw the light of day. It had to be right before you heard it. The time had to be right. Expectations were high, but no one has higher standards than the band itself. The guitar work sounds great, as usual, the singing is good, as expected, and the drumming goes from uptempo to blasting in the blink of an eye, and blasting remains a part of Into Eternity music.
They have worked hard to make this a worthy comeback. They should be proud. It has taken a lot of hard work. Into Eternity is returned after some ten years of silence and working to come back. The old and new fans should be pleased with the band’s present ways of interpreting melodic extreme metal.

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