Thursday, July 6, 2017

NEWS: Mandragora Malevola new album available for listening now

The occult extreme metal entity known as Mandragora Malevola (Portugal) is back in 2017 with a full-length album that follows up the 2015 demo that began it all for them. What a difference for these disciples of the darkness in less than two years! The sound is sharper and this music is ready and primed for the black metal supporters of the world. The demo was good, as this publication observed, but this is something else now. They have improved their craft and this music should be of interest for those that whose souls are committed to the occult black metal, especially the melodic black metal hymns filled with the glory of the dark forces, as you will notice listening to the album at the first link below.
Mandragora Malevola
Awakening the Impvre
release date: April 14th, 2017
label: independent
OFFICIAL: Mandragora Malevola is a manifest of moral freedom, the left path of spiritual independence, the place where men rise in the center of the universe. Mandragora Malevola has not the purpose of unloading energy or exorcising demons, but to know them and accept them as essential part of the human nature. Mandragora Malevola is the acceptance of the mundane decadent human, that whom does not seek god but to be god itself. Mandragora Malevola is the abolition of any religious or mandatory submission.
The seed of Mandragora Malevola germinated in Ereira, Coimbra, in the Autumn of 2013. Formed only by Kaos (ex. Triba) on vocals and Igniferum (Everto Signum, Carma) on the instrumental, Mandragora Malevola celebrates the independence of expression without restrictions. Grasping the meaning and secular history of the mandrake plant, the identity of the band comes from the roots of something evil that grows and takes over their music.

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