Monday, July 3, 2017

black metallers Sacrament ov Impurity taken off Washington Deathfest bill due to accusations from the left

by MMB
The Washington state black metal band Sacrament ov Impurity, which was scheduled to play at the Washington Deathfest in Bremerton at The Charleston, has now been excluded due to accusations by the left that the band promotes a racist ideology. The slanderous nature of the accusations were automatically accepted, unfortunately, and the result is that the band will not play at that show. The leftists hope that all that's needed is to send emails that accuse a band of being racist, sexist or whatever they do not approve, and in this case it has worked. In addition, according to this method of politics against a band, it is the accused that has to attempt to prove that the accusations are false. Your band get accused in an email to a venue, and that's reason enough to exclude the band. Over and over, a band is supposed to state that they do not support fascism or such politics simply because there has been an email that says that they are racist, sexist, homophobic or whatnot. Even the "fans" start to believe it and get defensive and want the band to declare publicly that they are not members of a Nazi organization or group or the like, as if a band now has to check in with the listeners to make sure that no one's liberal feelings are hurt.
By the way, the band has performed lots of shows in this state and plenty of people have seen the shows and have talked to the band. It is not like it is a mystery who this band is and what they do and where they play. They are an occult black metal band. That's what they do. It's black metal. It's no secret and they do not apologize for being black metal. They have played shows in Seattle, Everett, Bellingham and other places in Washington and also in the neighboring state of Oregon, to name a few. By the way, it is not like the band has never expressed itself on this matter. Therefore, once again, here it is, from the band, as they explained once and again the other day in the context of this latest controversy: "We have no political agenda and are not affiliated with any groups on any side of the political spectrum. We are anti censorship and pro free speech. And these days that's all you need to be labeled a Nazi by the far left. Our platform is if you're offended by anything you should probably stop pretending to be a fan of black metal and go back to your safe space."
Below are the announcements by both Washington Deathfest and the band.
OFFICIAL (by Washington Deathfest): Due to Extremely unfortunate news we had to remove Sacrament Ov Impurity from our line up due to emails threatening to shut down our event because of people e-mailing saying that our event is tied with Nazi & white power which is Bullshit we never had any issues with this band and for those hating on bands are cowards. We support all kinds of bands and black metal bands this is the most extremely difficult decision i had to make being over ruled is not something that happens but in safety of fans and bands we wish no Ill harm to happen to anyone we at Washington Deathfest have nothing against Sacrament Ov Impurity. We apologies to all fans of brutal extreme metal and fans of Sacrament caused by this inconvenience. We did speak with the band they are extremely upset as much as we are. We hope to work them again down the road.
OFFICIAL (by the band): We were just informed that we have been removed from Washington Deathfest after The Charleston received "an anonymous email" accusing us of being white power / Nazis. And so, in typical fashion, instead of reaching out to us to see what we have to say, they just cave to the demands of some anonymous d##bags.
This is your scene, this is what happens when venues are allowed to kick bands off shows based on anonymous emails and then are continued to be supported by your business. So f## the Charleston in Bremerton, Washington. And f## any venue that is so cowardly that they would be more concerned about any possible controversy than maintaining any type of integrity.
Here is a previous announcement about the new album The Purest of Sins.
The Mount Vernon, Washington state black metal formation Sacrament ov Impurity now has the new album available at the first link below. Always stubborn and loyal to itself, Sacrament ov Impurity is a band dedicated to "Doomed Frozen Black Metal Art," as they call it. The band does not hesitate and does not beat around the bush about it, this is black metal music of the dark arts and they are always seeking more souls for their covenant. The new album is a great illustration of the band's approach to songwriting: black metal that will take you down the left hand path if you are not there already and songs that you can remember. This is their fourth studio album, and their experience and their power is only getting stronger as they chart their own way towards perfecting their sound. Supporters of underground black metal should find music that aligns with their ideas here.
Sacrament ov Impurity
The Purest of Sins
release date: February 13th, 2017
label: independent
1.An Apparation of Bygone Lament 10:08
2.Your Sleep, I Covet 06:04
3.Sepulture of Modern Man 08:17
4.A Time of Darkness And Decay 06:42
5.Bowing Unto a Monolith of Grief 09:10
6.Sacrificial Descent 08:20

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