Sunday, July 2, 2017

NEWS: Brazilian heavy metal rockers INDISCIPLINE issue official video

The Brazilian heavy rock brigade Indiscipline now has issued its debut album called Sanguinea. Hear the sounds of the band through this official video for the song "Fear in Your Eyes."
OFFICIAL: Formed as a team, this infernal power trio gathers experienced musicians who have been a part of Rio de Janeiro's underground scene for years. Indiscipline plays heavy, in-your-face rock n' roll, using its tunes as weapons of mass destruction through the combination of merciless guitar riffs and melodic vocals that are sure to stick to your head and make you sing along for days. Maria Cals (guitars) and Alice (vocals and bass) lead the newest revelation of the Brazilian hard and heavy music and they are ready to take over the world together with drummer Ale de la Vega, who completes the line-up. "Sanguinea" is the ensemble's debut full length album, and was financed through a successful crowdfunding campaign which went online via the professional music market's tool of choice, UK's PledgeMusic. It features 10 songs which embrace all of Indiscipline's main influences, notably heavy metal, punk and grunge. While "Take it or Leave it", "Poison" and "Fear in your Eyes" showcase the group's most vigorous and powerful side, "Nasty Roar" and "Burning Bridges" invite the listener to join in on the path of darkness, as well as "Losing my Mind" and "Higher". "Degrees of Shade" and "Born Dead" expose Indiscipline's most visceral songwriting, which, on "Sanguinea", focus on themes such as life and death, insanity, abuse and human relationships. "Miss Daniel" finishes the track list. On the road since 2012, with over 60 gigs in its curriculum, including some notorious Brazilian festivals, Indiscipline completes its discography with the EP/demo album "In My Guts", recorded and released in 2014, and the mini-CD "Live at Toca", done in 2015 through Converse Rubber Tracks, in which the famous sneaker brand Converse chose the band through an international selection. In that year, Indiscipline was one of the 7 Brazilian chosen artists, among 84 in the entire world.

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