Saturday, February 21, 2015

the fantasy metal of WIND ROSE

Wind Rose (Italy): Wardens of the West Wind (Scarlet Records)
Rhapsody (both of them!) and Blind Guardian better watch out because there is a monster that is lurking behind them, it is a new monster, awaiting the right time to usurp the throne, and this new monster means business. Fanatics into epic-majestic heavy metal are about to get it right in the face: Wind Rose!
Wind Rose’s album sounds like a metal opera, in the sense that it is meant to be big: perfect for movies like Lord of the Rings: metal music to conquer the hearts of the summer festivals all over Europe. Whether it is Oktoberfest or not, Wind Rose makes the metal to celebrate the fantasy of the past and the myths. The background choruses sound like it is a thousand men singing film score metal, the mission of Wind Rose: solid production, big-time fantasy metal.
Those videos that you see of thousands and thousands of Germans singing along to power metal songs at festivals is the crowds that Wind Rose seeks to favor. Will Germany notice this band? Then, the rest of Europe, and then Japan and maybe Brazil will follow. If the words epic, battle, fantasy metal mean something important to you, then I recommend giving your attention to this band. I think you will agree that this album is very good for this particular style of metal music.
WIND ROSE - 'Rebel And Free' Official Video

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