Wednesday, February 4, 2015

melodic metal mastery: Stargazery (Finland): Stars Aligned (Pure Legend Records)

Stargazery (Finland): Stars Aligned (Pure Legend Records)
In the world of adult contemporary melodic metal things do not get much better than Stargazery because the band is so masterful at traditional, melodic heavy metal that the album will hit the mark after exactly this many listens: one. Huge choruses, gigantic classic-style metal riffs, and every song is meant to be a “greatest hit.” The album sounds like a “greatest hits” compilation, but this is a “normal” Stargazery album. The band’s second one, actually; the debut “Eye on the Sky” is from 2011.
If you form a traditional metal band it helps if you find a person that sings really well, and Stargazery’s Mr. Jari Tiura has that singing voice that propels the songs. It’s a pleasant, smooth voice that the traditional metal listener can immediately recognize and welcome. Then, of course, the question depends on the songs themselves in order to find out if Stargazery has what it takes. Fortunately, the songs represent a great study in the history of metal. Power metal, heavy metal, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and classic rock join together in Stargazery for a major conglomeration of melody and memorability in the style of classic Stratovarius and Edguy/Avantasia. More specifically, Stargazery is melodic metal with a keys/symphonic background, some shredding/virtuoso soloing, and a fundamental, polished AOR sensibility in the songwriting. At times, the listener might get the impression that Stargazery is a melodic metal version of classic, 80s, big-hit-era Journey.
Stargazery seems hell bent on making the type of album that once you hear it, you might get stuck listening to this album over and over. “Great success. High five!”
Stargazery - Voodoo Lyric Video (OFFICIAL)

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