Tuesday, February 10, 2015

old grind is new grind: Putrid Offal (France): Mature Necropsy (Kaotoxin Records)

Putrid Offal (France): Mature Necropsy (Kaotoxin Records)
If today you go back and listen to Putrid Offal’s 1991 demo “Unformed” you will hear heaviness on par with the extremes from that time: growling and chaos in the instrumentation. That’s what Putrid Offal did from 1990 to 1995.
Now, Putrid Offal has re-recorded those old songs for this album. This is faster, heavier and more grind than the old stuff already was. Essentially, this is a re-introduction of Putrid Offal now going for the most extreme sounds, landing the racket firmly in blasting death metal/grind territory. No melody, no long songs, this recording lasts under 30 minutes, and functions on one mode: as fast as possible. Sometimes the music is so fast, that it might sound a bit “industrial,” and it appears that the drumming is programmed. Putrid Offal has re-recorded the old songs with the intention of making them faster, more extreme and it seems like they have achieved that. For those into goregrind, deathgrind and death metal, Putrid Offal would have something new/old to offer.
Kaotoxin Records says that the release includes both this new album along with the old songs, which is a nice gesture because Putrid Offal is not such a well-known name for some people, and that way they can hear the old songs, too. www.kaotoxin.com www.facebook.com/putridoffal
PUTRID OFFAL "Purulent Cold"

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