Saturday, July 12, 2014

Last Bastion, power metal from Seattle

in case you missed it earlier, here it is again, about:
Last Bastion a power metal band from Seattle
(lyric video is below)
Last Bastion: The Road to Redemption
The state of Washington has power metal, too. The power metal audience should be on the lookout for Last Bastion, who recently, back in April, released the album called "The Road to Redemption." I’ve heard only one song and some samples of the other tracks. Sounds like good stuff.
Here’s a bit more about the album:
1. I Know When I'm Home 04:45
2. Ancient Lands 07:46
3. Plataea 06:45
4. Northern Kingdom 04:23
5. Angel's Tyranny 06:40
6. Road to Redemption 08:03
7. The Way of Kings Pt I: Cursed by Fate 03:58
8. The Way of Kings Pt II: Stormblessed 03:24
9. Liberation 04:15
10. Forevermore 06:35 TOTAL: 56:34

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