Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a reminder about UNISONIC

Unisonic: For the Kingdom (Armoury Records)
Things seem to be going well for Unisonic, known to the metal audience for featuring two former Helloween alumni, guitarist Kai Hansen and singer Michael Kiske. In fact, the band’s sophomore outing, “Light of Dawn,” will be available in August. So, to get the public in shape, here is the EP. Two new songs:
1."For The Kingdom" - 4:58
2."You Come Undone" (EP exclusive song) - 3:48
Plus: four live recordings from Masters of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic 2012.
3."Unisonic" (live) - 6:00
4."Never Too Late" (live) - 4:36
5."Star Rider" (live) - 4:07
6."Souls Alive" (live) - 5:53
The two new songs are upbeat rockers, well in line with the Unisonic narrative established so far: quality and talent on all fronts, and very memorable. In terms of the live songs, the material sounds as the listener would expect, and it appears that the band is having fun. It’s always nice to hear Mr. Kiske rocking again, and if Kai Hansen is involved, then lots of heavy/power metal supporters will naturally be interested. Here’s hoping we all hear the new studio album soon. www.unisonic.org www.facebook.com/unisonicofficial

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