Sunday, July 13, 2014

in case you missed LIE IN RUINS (Finland)

Lie in Ruins (Finland): “Towards Divine Death” (Dark Descend Records).
Whether your allegiances are with Incantation or your compass rides for TexasDM like Blaspherian and Imprecation or perhaps you have in the horizon Lantern, Vorum and Krypts (all three from Finland, too), the witching hour has arrived again with Lie in Ruins. All these bands share an affinity for what they call “dark” or “evil” or “blasphemous” death metal. Therefore, if you tilt your pentagrams in this direction, and you have not heard Lie in Ruins, this album will lash well with those other bands.
The overall atmosphere is blasphemous death metal heaviness of doom. The guitar work, while thick as a brick, appeals for its direct, forward motion. Like Blaspherian or Incantation, Lie in Ruins can play as fast and last as any gravedigger, but they do more: they also work on the atmosphere, on the doom. As is customary with this style, the ugly production is often the reason why these bands undead for the “sinister” sounds. Don’t skip on this band, or you’ll be the one to sing the blues for missing out. Horns up, way up.

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