Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bestial Holocaust (Bolivia) review

Bestial Holocaust (Bolivia): Into the Goat Vulva  (Iron Bonehead Productions)
People who swear by South American bulletbelt and leather-spikes-chains metal can point to Bestial Holocaust to demonstrate. The pentagram-evil-goat-inverted-cross and vomit-snarl-black deathrash raw war metal hits the mark of the fine and distinct tradition of metal that Bestial Holocaust represents.
So, then, what does motivate Bestial Holocaust to come up with those sharp-blade black thrashing riffs, that savage blasting and those growl-snarls? Most likely, it is the sounds of early, classic Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Destruction, Sepultura and perhaps no band standing in highest regard than Sarcófago and their classic album “INRI.”
Bestial Holocaust sounds like a band that thinks that Sodom’s best work was their first EP, “In the Sign of Evil”; that Sepultura’s most inspired work was the fury of their first EP “Bestial Devastation”; that Destruction’s best was their first EP “Sentence of Death,” so and so forth. Actually, once you hear this, how can you argue with Bestial Holocaust?
The Possessed-obsessed soul known as Sonia Sepulcral scowls, howls, growls and snarls, grunts and screams (and I think I hear pig-squeals, too) thereby assembling an arsenal of vocals that bring to mind Tom G. Warrior, Schmier, Quorthon, Cronos, Jeff Becerra, Angelripper and lots of Wagner Antichrist.
I could go on and on, but I need to finish this review now. Zine number 33 is ready to print and I have to stop somewhere.
 To sum up: Is this music made by Sarcófago fanatics for Sarcófago fanatics? Is this something you would enjoy if you like black thrash deathrash war metal? Is Bestial Holocaust perfect? Yes, to all that.

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