Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vomitchapel: review

Vomitchapel  (U.S.): The House of the Lord Despoiled   (Osmose)
According to Metal Archives, Vomitchapel is a one-person entity by Justin Blake Stubbs, whose other bands include Lilitu, Father Befouled, Festered, Chasm of Nis, amongst others.
Vomitchapel is garage rehearsal death metal, as hideously magnificent as sound quality of the demos by Sodom, Hellhammer and Mantas/Death. Everything is difficult to hear. The guitars are a rumbling murmur, the drums (machine?) sounds like Animal from The Muppets banging away on one drum and one cymbal. Speaking of Animal, he appears to be a football field away from the microphone in the basement of the sewage treatment plant where this was recorded.
Archgoat fan, you are hereby summoned to the court of Vomitchapel. You are to present yourself at for the enjoyment of possibly the fugliest recording that Metal Bulletin zine has heard in 2012.  

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