Tuesday, November 27, 2012

King (Colombia); Nexhymn (U.S.)-- reviews

King  (Colombia): Forged by Satan’s Doctrine  (Deathgasm)
Total woof-woof metal supremacy, with lyrics aggressively mocking religion: songs do not differentiate themselves for their musicality. Rather, it is monotonous repetitive blasting. King is a “no” to musicality, and an enormous “yes” to totalitarian monolithic one-dimensional, one-way track to mind-numbing roaring.  www.myspace.com/kingbathroz

Nexhymn  (U.S)Black Horizon  
22 minutes of death metal where blasting and aural violence are the one objective. The songs go at ferocious pace: when the music ends, there remains in memory a huge, loud blur. Nexhymn is for those with an unending taste for blastattack death metal. Nexhymn sounds very professional in the execution and their death metal is serious business. Approach this if you listen to a lot death metal daily, one album right after another: driving, at the gym, doing homework, brushing your teeth, etc. Not for casual fans, nor for those looking for melody. www.reverbnation.com/nexhymn

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