Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Evil Hedgehog, Hatred, Leproso

Evil Hedgehog (Germany): Rising
Evil Hedgehog plays traditional heavy metal with a heavy-riff style and gruff heavy-metal singing.
This type of heavy metal—due to its heaviness and overall attitude—has the potential to be liked by all those into upfront, rocking heavy metal, but that do not want to hear all that happy-happy, keyboard-ish traditional metal with high singing. These vocals sound like clearly-enunciated semi-growl, but that does sound like singing. The vocals are different, but pretty biker/street metal or burning-throat style.
These six songs are pretty catchy since the guitar, though heavy, it’s not chug-chug, but has hooks or licks in a headbanging style. This guitar work practically demands headbanging or some kind of movement. It’s not look-at-my-flashy-guitar-playing style, but rather c’mon-and-bang-your-head-and-don’t-stand-there-with-your-arms-crossed-acting-like-you-are-too-cool-to-get-into-it style. It’s such a good vibe and one that comes straight out of the book of heavy metal!
All six songs go for uptempo songs that are meant to make a metal person feel good.

Hatred: Sweating the Sickness
Hatred plays thug growl chugging music where the thick-riff (Pantera, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Sepultura (Chaos/Roots) guitar sounds are plentiful, and midpaced drumming that’s meant to be heavy, rather than flashy.
Mosh, punch the wall, kick the curb and slam are the main things this band would probably like the listener to do: they go for a major chugging sound, where things are heavy and basic so that everyone who listens knows that the band wants them in the pit.
The band curses a lot, for the effect of “tough guy” music and so expletives are issued rather often, though maybe not as much as in some rap, etc.
This zine has no further information about this band. A person that this zine knows has said that this band is from Texas, maybe Houston, but we don’t remember for sure. And we can’t locate them on the internet, either, wtf.

Leproso (Illinois, U.S.): Demo 2008 Entre las nubes y la oscuridad
Six songs of “old school, brutal death metal” from this Champaign, Illinois band’s demo: basic-sound quality, guttural vocals, mosh-death riffs and drumming (midpaced) for the heaviness of “brutality.”
According to their myspace, their debut album will be released this year, so keep in mind that this is a demo from January 2008 and it gives only a rough idea of the music.
Leproso is not a blastbeat death metal band, but midptempo-uptempo, mosh-riff centered music. Of the six tracks, three are around the four-minute mark and three close to the eight-minute mark.
Leproso is a bit of a curious beast. Three songs stick to the death metal plan of action: “We play brutal death metal and that’s that.” The other, longer three are also that way, but there are other elements (doom, semi-melody, etc.) that make the songs different from each other.
From their myspace, one can conclude that they have new songs. You might be interested to know that the sound quality on those songs is much better and the songs come across in a clearer fashion. Actually, they have been improving their work and it definitely shows in the tight delivery. While keep it death metal, they have improved the musicianship and songwriting. www.myspace.com/leproso61820

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