Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Abyssal Throne, Ancak, Antropofago, Arcanum Inferi

Abyssal Throne (Canada): Abyssal Throne
“Abyssal Permutation” (5:25) is certainly a strong start: a sharp-riff, blast attack death metal to cause an immediate circle pit and headbanging. The low, guttural vocals, the ridiculous blasting drumming and the overall vibe is good. “Sounding the Brazen Horns of War” (4:23) fundamentally settles it: that first song was no accident. There is a seriousness of musical purpose that’s obvious. “Godhead Abolished” (4:47) displays the three keys to their sound: intense, blasting drumming; good, speedy riffs/good soloing; and guttural vocals, with some black metal moments. Therefore, “Perfection Sought through Putrefaction” (5:25) is just further punishment and musical muscle. By this time, you know what to expect, and the band would be ashamed to disappoint give you anything other than what they do best: blasting death metal for those that like their metal fast, intense and aggressive.
This recording sounds pretty good: the band probably would like a bigger-budget recording, but the truth that on here you can already hear the diligence in their delivery. www.myspace.com/abyssalthrone

Ancak (Malaysia): M.A.H.A.
Black metal grind destruction race to the finish.
In the space of six songs (time), Ancak manages to infuse enough throat-abuse shrieking and screaming to satisfy the craving for really noisy, fast, blasting black/death/chaos metal:
Fifteen minutes of very annoying noisy, grindy black metal. It is so annoying you have to go back and play it over and over until you end up trying to scream in even more annoying ways than these psychos when you find yourself in the shower. Now, instead of doing your best S.O.B./Darkthrone/Napalm Death/Nasum/Repulsion/Bathory screaming, Ancak will occupy your brain for a while.
Ancak has achieved true unagi, the perfect state of chaos awareness, to be ready for any attack.

Antropofago (France): Antropofago
They have a song called “Barbecued Baby Back Human Legs.”
In about 12 minutes (four songs) of blasting, violent, savage aural attack Antropofago is universal: if you like straight-ahead brutal, blasting death metal.
Giving the listener an intense experience that is the musical equivalent of a pummeling or making the death metallers at their show feel the music so well in their bones, their brains, their bellies, that have to react in some sort of mosh, headbanging or some movement.
Yes, they have a bit of technical edge, preposterous drumming, a wingnut for a bassist, a mad butcher for a growler, etc., but mostly they do a good job of destroying their instruments until nothing is left but debris.
Sure, Antropofago is a band for blasting death metal enthusiasts. www.myspace.com/antropofagometal

Arcanum Inferi (Italy): V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
1. “Caput Mortuum” (3:25): There is no point in disguising their hunger for the transylvannian black metal: the guitar riffs, the vocals, the drumming, it all says, transylvannian or nothing at all. Forget good production, eclectic sounds. They have found a spot, they will stay there, rain or shine, and just play that lo-fi black metal in their cave.
2. “Obscura Nox ad Inferos” (4:44): The vocals sounds like two grim black metal twins are shrieking into my ears. Just nasty, nasty lo-fi sounds at high speed with circular riffs that seem to repeat over and over seeking the trance of speed.
3. “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” (5: 28): This song sounds similar to the second song, which sounds similar to the first song: multidimensional this is not. There is only road they travel: the path of raw grimness and unfancy, dirty black metal.
The sound quality is good, but of course, this is no fancy proposition, but strictly corpsepaint-spikes-grimness-and-traditional black metal. For example, the drumming is very much in the transylvannian feel. At this point, Arcanum Inferi is strictly a proposition for the total lo-fi, raw, no-production black metallers.
Three songs, then it’s over. Go back to track one and listen to this demo again.

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