Monday, January 11, 2010

review of death/black metallers Bestemmia Aeternalis (Texas, U.S.)

Bestemmia Aeternalis (Texas): Embracing Hell demo
Due to the dual vocal approach, black metal shrieking and death metal growling, the group gives the impression of being a mix of death and black metal. And while, at times, there are some moments of those thicker, distorted guitar moments, after a few listens it appears that it is the black metal side of the equation that weighs more.
This is mainly propelled by attitude, an unrelenting intensity, piloted by the fast, uptempo and blasting drumming. Maybe the drums are a bit louder than everything else. At any rate, the band should be relatively pleased, but not too much so, with this recording, as it amply shows they have a good attitude and potential, including some catchy riffs and brief moments of melody.
In this demo it’s easy to hear the instruments and what’s going on with the songs, but the guitars are a bit buried in the mix. However, overall the mentality-intention is portrayed accurately and convincingly. Definitely a good beginning and hopefully they can build on this one and achieve a bit clearer sound quality next time; a relatively good effort.

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