Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cerebrum (Greece)

Cerebrum (Greece): Spectral Extravagance (Lacerated Enemy)
Cerebrum’s peppered with rhythm changes, and is prone to technical tangents, guitar-centered noodling and heavy crunch: the blasting and energy. Technicality, prog and guitar-shred qualities are prevalent premises.
What’s nice about Cerebrum is their simultaneous achievement at two levels: (1) in the live environment this sounds moshpit-and-headbanging friendly; speedy, crazy, heavy, etc. and (2) the tech-prog growl metal also offers lots to check out when listening to the music at home and you don’t necessarily have a moshpit going on in your room. Bring it: “Thorns of Weakness,” “Edge of Parallel Circles,” and “Fragments of Illusion” are all examples of the cranial activity of Cerebrum!
It’s intelligently composed and exhibits a serious effort to have songs that function, that flow, that offer the listener some adventure and a bit of melody, but that, at the same time, keep the foot on the pedal strongly. Definitely a solid work of what some simply call “technical speed/blasting death metal.”
This is a professional album, with professional sound and it is not demo-like sound quality at all. “Grayt sooksess!!!,” as Borat says.

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