Monday, July 7, 2014

the "grind-blasted death": Invidiosus: Malignant Universe (Tridroid Records Release: 29 July 2014)

Invidiosus Malignant Universe Tridroid Records Release: 29 July 2014
There is a healthy diversity to their generally grind-blasted death. Malignant Universe exhumes the past and yet doesn’t reside there. It takes restrained guidance from modern, more technical deathly forms, and yet doesn’t wholly reside there either.-No Clean Singing
Invidiosus is a grindcore/death metal hybrid hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After hundreds of shows and several tours throughout the central United States over the last 5 years, the band has put forth their debut full-length album, "Malignant Universe." This album features drummer DUANE TIMLIN (ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Hank III, ex-Sacrificial Slaughter) and guitarist Nicholas Kulczycki (ex-Teratism, Anal Blast) and was recorded in the basement-studio of the Minneapolis grind trio, Ambassador Gun. In a fresh take on the status quo for metal recordings in the modern age, Invidiosus used no quantizing, click tracks, or digital instrument replacements on the record.
Invidiosus has shared the stage with bands such as Suffocation, Hellwitch, Putrid Pile, Vital Remains, Into Eternity, Hull, Brutal Truth, Hirax, Deceased, and many more, and is set to tour the U.S. in July of 2014 with Mexican grindcore band ROTTENNESS. They will be performing at this year's New York Deathfest 2 (alongside bands such as Defeated Sanity, Devourment, Malignancy) as well as Northern Wisconsin Metalfest.
Invidiosus is:
Matthias Joyce - Vocals
Duane Timlin - Session Drums
Kevin Alter - Lead Guitars
Nicholas Kulczycki - Session Guitars
Todd Farnham - Bass
Colin Lewis - Live Drums

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