Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sanhedrin (U.K.)

Sanhedrin (U.K.): Demo 2009
The keyboard introduction sets the stage for three songs of obscure-obscurantist-symphonic death-black metal. Then the first song, “Now I See the Truth” is atmosphere-driven, both keyboard-atmosphere, as well as guitar-vocal at moments sounding more black metal, then death metal, and at times even some goth metal vibes. At any rate, it’s all growling (no clean vocals).
“The Second Coming,” for example, has blasting parts, that coupled with those keyboards, certainly point towards symphonic black metal directions: heaviness, speed, melody and an aura horror envelopes Sanhedrin.
It’s easy to tell that the band is aiming at something much larger than this demo, a bigger sound, but this is no bad way to begin. They got the songs, and that’s the starting point.

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