Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Human Carnage (Quebec, Canada): Feast of Darkness

Human Carnage (Québec, Can.): Feast of Darkness
This four-song e.p. is a compact, action-packed, no-nonsense death metal riffarama-o-fest of speed, guttural growling, blasting, jam-inity-jam structural bouncing off the walls.
Right this way for a death metal o’celebration: kick off this thing correct with a serious overdose administration of growling intensity and gigantic-catchy guitar-o-jams.
Every song is effectively designed to be a barnstorming-o-stampede snowballing through the few minutes that each song takes, and then, it’s time for the next one.
With the guitar sound, there is a clearly distinguishable guitar riff driving each part of the song and it is memorable. This is not chug-chug/breakdown death metal, but more of the flashing-the-steel type of guitar solos, driving-headbanging-marching-forward type of riffs, while the drumming does a good job of changing speeds from fast to blasting and other little ditties all over the place. The vocals are guttural, like the doctor ordered, but just a tad bit intelligible here and there.
Shakespeare observed in “Julius Caesar,” the tendency of young death metal bands to concentrate on the “Brutalität₧-Moжrte-ZumpĂn,” as he would often say. Human Carnage takes this element and adds quite a bit of that guitar flair-spark and succeeds superbly. Nice! Shakespeare was correct.

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