Friday, December 4, 2020

review: IKITAN -- instrumental melodic trio from Italy

November 20, 2020
Don't be fooled by their own words about their music. They say: "IKITAN is a heavy post-rock trio led by spontaneousness and a jam session-like attitude. By improvising and fol-lowing the feel of the moment, we explore uncharted territories and go to places we didn’t know existed. Not a lot of planning. It's all about playing. Join our 20-minute-20-second journey." Does that make you think that this may sound like some people drink-ing beer, eating hamburgers and fries, with the television on while they mess around on their instruments, stopping and starting, in between breaks of watching the game on the television? It is not that! It's an instrumental prog metal band that emphasizes easy-going rhythms and chill melodies, the type of music that fans of instrumental hard rock/metal could dig. It is the kind of melodic music that is good for clearing your mind, a pleasant listening experience. The recording’s quality should be ok for fans (perhaps next time the drum sound could be better, more real). Overall, the recording is a very good introduction to this Italian band.
"Twenty​-​Twenty" by IKITAN

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