Tuesday, December 8, 2020

review: Mindless Sinner -- cult early 80s heavy metal from Sweden

Mindless Sinner
Master Of Evil
Pure Steel Records
December 11th 2020
This publication has been telling readers about the 1980s Swedish band Mindless Sinner since 2015's The New Messiah and 2020's Poltergeist. Both are good albums that fans of legacy-style heavy metal would enjoy. Mindless Sinner has experienced what has to be a much better second life than the first time around in the 1980s. The members in 2020 are apparently the same as in 1984, so it's not Mindless Sinner "in name only." Pure Steel Records is re-releasing the band's debut EP (Metal Archives says that it was rec-orded in 1983 and Pure Steel Records says that it was released in 1984). It looks like when the EP was recorded they had a different bassist, and "the new guy" joined in 1984. That's today's line-up, the same as in 1984.
Here we have the 1984 EP with the songs: 1.Broken Freedom; 2.Key of Fortune; 3.Master of Evil; 4.Screaming for Mercy. In addition, it includes a 1983 demo: 5.Mindless Sinner; 6.Higher and Higher; 7.We All Go Back; 8.Heavy Metal Never Die; 9.City Games. It is some 37 minutes of music in total. Both recordings are similar in sound and style: the uptempo, rocking heavy metal of the time, high-energy rock for headbanging. The en-thusiasm is undeniable and infectious. The overall sound is the same as the youthful spir-it of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and like Judas Priest, Scorpions and Accept at the time. Fans that like to explore obscure, lesser-known and cult bands from the early 1980s will need to hear these recordings!
MINDLESS SINNER - Broken Freedom - official video (PURE STEEL RECORDS)
The New Messiah by MINDLESS SINNER
Poltergeist by MINDLESS SINNER

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