Friday, November 6, 2020

review: Cult Burial -- U.K. extreme metal

Cult Burial
Cult Burial
6 November 2020
1. Dethroner 04:10
2. Moribund 05:09
3. Chaos 06:52
4. Abyss 03:04
5. Plague 05:16
6. Kill 04:47
7. End 04:27
8. Forever 04:54
9. Sorrow 05:14
In 2020 the band released an EP and now they have the debut album. The official information for this U.K.-based entity says: “Lyrics and vocals by César Moreira. Music by Simon Langford. Additional guitars by Felipe Grüber. Mixed by Simon Langford. Mas-tered by Chris Coulter at Decimal Studios.” For a death/black/doom metal debut album by an unknown (to this publication) DIY entity, this sounds pretty good, and it makes one wonder if the musicians have been in other bands previously. Even though the drum sound seems a bit too mechanical and there seem to be brutal effects on the vocals, the overall impression is that they are very serious about their music. The songs are brutal, heavy and they drive hard; good stuff for physical activity. One of the best things about this entity is that they like to have a bit of melody to go along with the wall of sound. After a couple of listens, the melodies seem surprising because they are rather present throughout, not just in one song. The barrage of heaviness at first might make the listener hear only the brutality and heaviness, but sure enough, past the big noise, there are melodies to be heard. After that, the perspective changes, the harsh extreme metal is still sick and all, but with melodies wrapped in brutality.
Cult Burial by Cult Burial

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