Thursday, August 15, 2019

review: Phobia

Generation Coward
Willowtip Records
August 9th, 2019
California’s Phobia was formed in 1990 and ever since then they have been finding ways to turn their obnoxious racket more toxic. They have kept up a regular schedule of releases (EPs, splits, albums) without generally allowing more than a couple of years going by. This is 2019’s entry into their infamous-illustrious discography. When listening to this 16-minute EP it is recommended to let it play continuously as one unit of blasting speed, with brief pauses in between. Don’t bother with questions about individual songs. The band’s wise decision to keep the pauses super brief between songs means that it flows well as one big exercise in blasting, growling mosh pit catharsis. Maybe do not drive while listening to this EP, just in case you end up trying to keep up with the band. The American band’s angry punk lyrics have not changed, only the music has gotten tighter and more professional, which at this point sounds as metal (sharp) as it gets, but in this EP they have not abandoned the punk ethic of short, direct songs (no guitar solos) ranting about some thing or other. They are an old grind band, and as such they are as angry about the politicians as they are against people/other punks that Phobia considers “PC fascists,” and internet warriors, and all of which is expressed in lyrics or through television show obscene excerpts in between some tracks. Phobia 2019 is still not suitable for sensitive people, and most other humans, but the grind freaks should be smiling wide with this EP.

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