Friday, April 19, 2019


The melodic extreme style of Atlas Pain assembles disparate parts of a puzzle and brings it all together into a coherent sound even though the elements might seem impossible for coexistence: well-done black metal vocals, some background singing, power metal guitar, thrashing riffs, folk melodies, symphonic metal, and other components, like subconscious Italian traditional folk melodies that they would never be able get rid of, even if they wanted to do it because of the great Italian musical traditions deeply embedded in the souls of the Italian peoples. Somehow, some way, it all comes together very smoothly. For instance, you would think that black metal vocals and power metal vibes might not be partners, but the vocals are mixed in the sound at the right volume and proportion; it’s not super harsh on the ears, and the melodies meet up with the vocals at the right points of convergence. The result is catchy uptempo cheerful extreme and melodic songs. They have the fast songs, the midtempo songs, the rockers, the epic tunes, the slow segments (not too many, though!), they do it all. The music sounds like they poured their sweat, blood and tears to deliver that elusive second album that convinces the fans.
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Tales Of A Pathfinder
Scarlet Records
Release: 19 April 2019
‘Tales Of A Pathfinder’ is the second full length album of the Italian Epic-Pagan Metal band Atlas Pain. After the stunning acceptance from both critics and fans of the previous ‘What The Oak Left’, the band is now ready to push you into a wonderful unique experience.
As the result of efforts lasted two years, the concept around ‘Tales Of A Pathfinder’ finds its foundation on an epic steampunk fairy tale, as the listener will be driven into a journey at the end of the world, making him discover unknown lands and hidden cultures.
1899, London. Laughs and noises from a freak show make space for the great announcement, aiming to start the most difficult expedition that the man have ever experienced.
Each song, starting from ‘The Coldest Year’, the glorious announcement, is a specific stop that leads us to discover ancient tales and different cultures, making us appreciate all the different people around the planet.
The journey finds its end with the disclosure of a brand new world, full of rising hopes, in a reality oppressed by machines and steam for a long time.

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