Monday, April 15, 2019


Lust of Consciousness
Prosthetic Records
12 April 2019
On certain occasions Frank Zappa was fond of saying that he was trying to create music that would so irritate people that they would end up doing something about their lives. His point that he wanted to annoy his listeners so that they would get off the couch and do something about whatever was irritating them in life. Similarly, Nekrasov is made to be irritating, annoying and frustrating. It’s a dude finding electronic-robotic-monster-white-noise sounds and adding a bit of homemade black metal to it. I kid you not, the title track is eight minutes and 34 seconds of robot-space white noise sounds. Other tracks are garage-style lo-fi low-quality electro-necro black metal with distorted-robotized vocals. Some of it resembles something like black metal, but most of it is a very calculated effort to find those listeners willing to hear something challenging, something closer to anti-music. Nekrasov has been releasing this type of stuff since 2007 and the recordings just keep on coming because there is an audience for this: Nekrasov fans do want to hear something challenging, like the white noise of the television set, or the sound of when the radio station is not coming in right or like machines crashing into each other or when your kids bang, bang, bang on pots and pans just to make a lot of noise or like when Lloyd and Harry in Dumb and Dumber are trying to find the most annoying sounds in the world. When Nekrasov wants to rock, Nekrasov becomes Rebel Wizard, a different project that combines lo-fi cave black metal with heavy metal melodies, but Rebel Wizard is actually much more comprehensible as music. Nekrasov is not that. It is the pleasure of irritation for the fans that pay money for it.

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