Friday, August 31, 2018

released today: Gnaw Their Tongues & Crowhurst

Gnaw Their Tongues & Crowhurst
Burning Ad Infinitum: A Collaboration
Crown and Throne Ltd.
31 August 2018
The art of making harsh and cacophonous noise comes to life as a nightmare collaboration. As the official information emphasizes, this is not a split but rather a collaboration of two minds, two very strange, extreme and experimental minds. It may not be a split, but it sort of does function in a duality. There are two tracks of unapologetic clanging clunking alien horror eerie weirdness of abstract noise art. The other two tracks are grating black metal industrial machine dissonance. Forget the dystopian future, the horrors of discordant jangling are here for your pleasures already.
[by MMB]

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