Thursday, August 30, 2018

Imperialist (review by MMB)

Transcending Obscurity Records
20 August 2018
Imperialist is a traditional-minded black metal band with a preference for a production that is current and allows the audience to hear the guitars, drums and vocals well. The guitars feature tremolo picking, used for speed and melody. The other side of the guitars is thrash-based riffing. The guitar work is modern and memorable. The drums do some blasting, but that is not the main thing going on. The drumming goes at a thrashing pace. It is a very likable style of pounding and the cymbal work is audible, too. The vocals are a deep black metal growl, a type of bark-shout that sounds good and strong with the style of the band.
The band seems devoid of any present-day religious or political issues per se because their theme appears to be space, astronomy and subjects related to the topic of the study of the universe. The song titles seem like they are chapters of a book or a documentary on astronomy; for example, “The Singularity,” “Splendor Beneath an Ancient Perma,” “Continuum,” and the like.
Listeners should be able to tell that the band has poured its heart into this album. The band holds in high regard the classics of black metal and these musicians have set for themselves both a high standard in the music and the production.
The song “Umbra Tempest” has a guitar solo, but unfortunately the band has not yet committed to making the solos an important part of all their songs. It would have been nice to have more solos and to have more devotion to the art of soloing in the songs with solos. This same song also has some moments in which the bass guitar is more audible, but overall the bass is either not as audible in the album as a whole because of the production or because of the style of playing of the bassist and the band.
In conclusion, the album is a strong entry for the band. They have an EP from 2015 and this is the debut album. Black metal fanatics looking for a professional-minded album might be very impressed with this American band from California.

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