Friday, December 8, 2017

interview with Haze of Summer

Haze of Summer is melodic extreme metal from Russia. The 2017 album Znoi serves as a good introduction to the sound, which is extreme metal with strong melodies that are both melancholic and also pop-like in certain places. Haze of Summer is consciously going against some conservative metal people. For instance, Haze of Summer calls itself “hipster black metal.” Some people cannot stand anything related to the word “hipster.” On the other hand, in the Seattle area there certainly lots of hipsters who consider themselves metal, so maybe Haze of Summer would be a hit in the West Coast of the United States.
Listen to the music and decide for youself! By the way, Haze of Summer now has a new single called “December.”
Hello, Haze of Summer! How are things going in the cold weather of Russia? Where in Russia do you live and are you tired of the winter yet?!
Hey! Everything is fine here for now. Winter become more and more warmer every year, so it’s not so tough in Moscow part. We live in central part of Russia, near Moscow. Here thigs are always going well, thank you.
Haze of Summer has a new song called "December." How did this song happen? Do you have more music planned? Why only one song?! Who are the people that play music or do vocals in the new song?
"December" is just a homemade demo. I did the music and then tried to put poem of very famous Russian poet on this. The result has exceeded my expectations and I've asked a friend of mine from post metal band TOLUCA to mix and master it. So I did all instruments and vocals there. Hope to record the whole album at summer 2018 at real studio, because we are almost done with 2nd part of ZNOI album. It will describe my vision of autumn and winter months.
Is Haze of Summer a band that plays live in Russia? Is it a studio project only? Who are permanent members of the band and how long have you been in the band? Who is answering this interview?
This is me, Nikita. I did all music, lyrics, vocals, guitars and conception for ZNOI album. We are two-men band, but no we've already got line up for live shows and soon you will see something "LIVE" on the YouTube. The second permanent member is Alex Klaptsov from death metal band Grace Disgraced.
Haze of Summer has an album called Znoi. Are you pleased or surprised by the reaction in Russia to your album? What do you think about the response to your music from around the world, like the rest of Europe, the Americas and other places?
I'm pleased and surprised at the same time. I think that Russians are not ready enough for such sharp change of black metal direction. So that's why Americas and Europe response in more positive way. But I also really like to get negative storm from my compatriots. I feel that I've touched their feelings ๐Ÿ™‚
How does it feel when someone from China, Brazil or Australia buys your album on Bandcamp? Does it make you want to make more music? Is Haze of Summer worth your time, so far?
This is really awesome. I've never get such emotions before. Yes, feedback (anyone) makes me feel great and make go forward. Haze of Summer worth my mind, haha. I can see great number of positive feedbacks in web or paper zines.
Why do you call your music "hipster black metal"? How do Russians feel about the word "hipster"?
This is no about indie music or something. People don't understand this, sometimes. I just wanted to show people, that you can be whatever you want and live with black metal in your heart at the same time. Haze of Summer is my own vision how can you transform your favourite music style. "Hipster" is the only word and can describe this.
Who are the people that you have on the covers of your album and your new single? Do you ask friends if they want to be on the cover of your albums?
Yes, they are all my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t feel, that Haze of Summer fit into the wider metal scene, especially a Russian one. I try to break “Black Metal of 90th” stereotype in people’s minds. Now, most of the people can’t understand such “unmetal” cover art without any logo. I saw some angry feedback about it, and that means that I got my achievement, haha
So far, all your songs seem to be named after months of the year. What is your plan about this? Will you stop after you have 12 songs finished?!
I didn't think about 3rd album, frankly speaking. If I have something to say, then I'll go with this.
What can you tell us about your lyrics. Unfortunately, I do not know any Russian. The video that you made for your song seemed about personal relationships, and the disappoint of love lost. Are your lyrics about personal issues and emotions?
Exactly. Personal issues and emotions in the field of love, but everything describe with blooming nature on the background. So it’s 50x50. Broken heart and nature, haha. IMHO, this is real black metal - to sing about the most horrible things that can happen this man. Songs about Satan or religion hatred are songs about nothing. This is not really exist. But broken soul after long and agonizing does.
What would it take for Haze of Summer to play shows in the U.S.? What difficulties are there for coming to the U.S. for shows?
1st people in USA need to know us and have a wish to come to the gig ๐Ÿ™‚ now it’s so far. I would like to back to U.S. with great pleasure.
Do you have any other news that you want to communicate to us? Thank you for your time!
Soon we will publish LIVE REHEARSAL video on the YouTube with pro sound. We will use a lot of extra instruments which you can hear on the album in real time. Hope you'll like it and thanks for your interest. Defend love!

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