Sunday, December 24, 2017

Inquisition issues new official video; European tour announced for 2018

The Seattle-based black metal duo Inquisition has released a new video for "From Chaos They Came" from the band's most recent album Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith. In addition, black metal supporters in Europe will have a chance to witness Inquisition, as shown in the flyer below.
Inquisition fanatics will be interested to know that Bardo Methodology conducted an interview with the band on a variety of topics. Here are some excerpts from it, but check out more information about it on the band's Facebook page: "Our stated goal for this album was to reinforce INQUISITION as a classic black metal band under the same standards and unwritten rules as the old guard. Its intent is to guide the listener into an atmosphere of depth, darkness, majesty, and beauty – all in one, while paying tribute to anything within the context of the occult."
"Musically, the old school was also about minimalism, which is something I tried to preserve on this album. We also sought to capture a bit more feeling compared to previous INQUISITION albums. More dynamics, greater contrast between songs."
"Though not immediately obvious in our visual theme, the essence of Satanism is as present on this album as ones of yesteryear. INQUISITION explores the origins of mankind, the forces which brought us here. We hail this energy through our music on “Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar …”.
Biography:The band Inquisition was formed in 1988 in Cali, Colombia by Dagon. The band started as a thrash metal act, and in 1994 evolved into raw black metal.
In 1996, Dagon left Colombia and moved back to the United States to continue Inquisition and search for a new drummer. That same year Dagon met Incubus, who joined the band on drums and the creation of their debut full length album began. This line-up has remained stable for more than fifteen years and is now seen as the classic Inquisition line-up.
INQUISITION style of black metal involves slow, deep and dark riffing combined with sudden tempo changes to faster sections based around blast beats and high-speed riffing; at times adding melodic solos. The classic Inquisition sound incorporates a combination of early era thrash metal-influenced riffing with darker and more chaotic black metal, primarily involving fast, tremolo picked minor-key guitar riffs, thus creating the trademark "Inquisition sound".
Inquisition - From Chaos They Came (official music video)

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