Monday, May 15, 2017


The Swedish grind legends Nasum once declared: “You’ve been a very good assistant, and you’ve brought in some good parts. But what we really need now is the perfect… nasum.”
Enter the grind freaks Nephyla and watch a mosh pit swirl up in less time than you can say "Nephyla is grind from Mexico!" and get on with the slamming and elbowing every thing in sight. You have been a good assistant, friend, but the grind needs you in shape for the intensity and what we really need right now a band from Oaxaca to take all your energy and convert it into a potion of blasting and chaos.
Nephyla has been doing this thing since 2000. Yup, since 2000 and they go around Mexico and other places like Central America and proceed to make a huge bunch of grind live for the eyewitness that can stand it. Actually, this June they will play in Canada, too. Find out more at their Facebook page. Also, if you look on YouTube you will find some of their recordings in full. Happy hunting, you sick freaks!
OFFICIAL: Nephyla is a female Grindcore Death band, from Oaxaca, Mexico. The project was created by Val (drums) in 2000, focused on Grindcore Crust in its beginnings.
For various reasons the group didn’t materialize, and went into dormant phase. Val begins the search for musicians linked to their extreme tastes, leading to Katt (guitar, vocals) in late 2008, the date that marks the rebirth of the band.
The bass duties have been alternating between different girls live, no one of them joining the lineup definitively.
Their lyrics focused on grotesque aspects of nature, human behavior and society are reflected in their debut demo “Canibalismo Intrauterino” (2009) and in a split called “Aphota” (2010) pending publication, both in the label Gorecannibal recs. Codigo del Phylo" (2013) independet.

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