Friday, September 30, 2016

NEWS: Aegeon - Devouring the Sun (2016)

Here's one for those into one-person black metal projects. This is a solo project of cavernous black metal from Finland and Lord Aegeon does vocals and instruments. Below you can listen to the new album in its entirety. Given that this is cavernous black metal you will need to turn it up real loud to get the full effect of the chaotic happenings within.
OFFICIAL: Aegeon was founded in Finland in 2010 as a one man project by Lord Aegeon. First demo "Portals" was recorded in December 2010 and it was released in January 2011. First official release MCD entitled "Entrance to the Gardens of Death" was released in January 2012 by Mortis Humanae productions. Khakh joined the band as a guitarist on late 2012 and Aegeon started writing songs for their next release. In 2014 Aegeon released their first full-length album "Nocturnal Glorification" and in 2016 their second album called "Devouring the Sun". Both albums were released by Elegy Records.
Aegeon - Devouring the Sun (2016)

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