Saturday, September 17, 2016

New BLASPHEMER Video is Stark Reminder That "You Are Nothing"

OFFICIAL: Italy's Blasphemer tears through flesh with the recently-launched video for "You Are Nothing."
Taken from the forthcoming Ritual Theophagy, "You Are Nothing" is a relentless barrage of sacrilege and hatred for the divine. The video's occultic imagery accurately depicts that contempt.
Watch it below.
UNUPDATED BIO:Blasphemer were born in 1998 and after some years spent drinking, ******* around, releasing a couple of split CDs and performing gigs in Italy and Europe, they decided to take it seriously and started working on the their first full-lenght album "On The Inexistence Of God": a bunch of brutal songs forged with technical riffs, 4 way vocal assault and non-stop blasting drum. Comatose Music released their first full-lenght album in2008 and due to it Blasphemer start playing frequent live all over the world (Europe, Usa, Russia) performing their music at the coolest festivals as well (Central Illinois Metal Fest, Moscow Death Fes, etc.) sharing the stage with some of the most awesome brutal bands worldwide. In Summer 2010 Blasphemer record a new Ep "Devouring Deception" that will be released in September by Comatose Music.
After six years of silence, this Italian death metal behemoth has been awakened and lashes out with inhuman technical brutality. This is Blasphemer's most evil and chaotic material to date, with their signature style of dissonant rapid fire riffs, savage multi-vocal assault, and featuring the extreme drum prowess of Darren Cesca (Incinerate & Goratory). The gates of Hell have opened unleashing a nefarious fury of malevolence and the holy light will be forever extinguished.
Blasphemer will return to the stage in 2017 in support of Ritual Theophagy. Dates and details to be announced soon.

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