Monday, August 10, 2015

free EP of death metal: Hereditary

Hereditary (Germany): Angel of Decay
The band is “death metal from Bonn, Germany.” Once you listen to the free/name-your-price EP on Bandcamp, the band’s area of specialty comes into focus a bit better. The band plays that older “melodic death metal” that a band like Dark Tranquillity helped to define, but please do not confuse this band with a band like In Flames nowadays because this German band sounds like death metal, with some thrashy riffs and more memorable structures. There are no melodic vocals, just growls and snarls. The drumming has some blasting and it’s generally fast. Overall, this is a great start for this new band, formed in 2013. The band has put together a recording of which they can be proud.
The band is:
Flo (vocals)
Stefan (drums)
Jesco (guitars)
Flo (guitars)
Marcel (bass)
The EP is about 22 minutes and it is called “Angel of Decay.”
1.Angel Of Decay 03:46
2.Buried In Exploited Flesh 02:54
3.Prophecy Of Fear 03:23
4.Resurrected Persecutor 04:20
5.Flesh & Bones 02:51
6.Impurity 03:25
7.Evilution 01:13
Hear and download the full recording for free. Better yet, donate whatever you can. New bands need all the help that you can give them. Let them know that you are out there.

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