Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dead Samaritan

Dead Samaritan is a metal band from Finland that might be new to you. Below you will find a bit about the band and you can hear some of the music at the first link below.
"Death/Thrash metal band from Finland.
The band started in early January 2001, but took the name Dead Samaritan in 2003.
After three demos the year 2005 was spent doing gigs, but then the band had to take a long hiatus because of line-up changes, studying and other personal matters.
In 2009 three new members, guitarist Matti Viholainen, bassist Eero Virtanen and vocalist Valendis Suomalainen were recruited to the ranks. Valendis is known from the band Herem.
2012 December saw the worldwide release of Dead Samaritan's debut album entitled The Only Good Samaritan... published via UK's Casket Music.
In early 2013 the band signed a contract with the Dutch label Metal Revelation for worldwide promotion.
The sophomore album The Devil Tunes was released on 12th of Sept. 2014."
listen here

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