Monday, October 20, 2014

the death metal of SEMPITERNAL DUSK (Oregon, U.S.)

The crazies into Incantation and Imprecation and in general the heaviest death metal in the world will be glad to hear this band from Oregon, U.S.
For those who are keeping track of metal in Oregon, you might like to know that Tim Call is the drummer/vocalist in this band, according to Metal Archives. That just about means that Mr. Call is in about 50 projects and bands, and people are starting to wonder whether Mr. Call is taking over Oregon.
Hear a track below and get ready for the massive death metal of the caves of Oregon.
Sempiternal Dusk: Sempiternal Dusk (Dark Descent Records)
1. Moon Beneath Hook Cross 14:58
2. Streams of Night 09:14
3. Upon the Gallows at Perihelion 12:16
4. Seclusion of the Bereaved 08:26
5. Urn of Dawn 01:42

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