Thursday, October 30, 2014

quick reaction to: the new single by Psycroptic: Echoes To Come (Release: 4 November 2014 on Prosthetic Records)

Metal Bulletin Zine quick reaction to:
Psycroptic: Echoes To Come Prosthetic: Release: 4 November 2014
Many times today I have been listening to the new single "Echoes to Come." It's actually a great idea to have the single out first because Psycroptic pushes the limits of humanly possible speed and complexity and this single represents an interesting direction for the band, and gives us mortal humans a chance to understand the music more, before the whole album drops and leaves us all brain-melted. Psycroptic is technical/brutal death metal and this new song delivers that. What has me a bit surprised is how the riffs are more memorable. The years and years of experience have made the band better songwriters, I would say. Also, the vocals are bonkers as ever. Growling, throat-scratching screaming, the feeling of chaos in your ears, and something else: a bit of more melodic vocals worked into the tornado of screams. Basically, Psycroptic refuses to stand still, and we are all soon going to find out!

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