Sunday, September 21, 2014

the metal command of Tormentress (Singapore): Operation Torment (Infernö Records)

Tormentress (Singapore): Operation Torment (Infernö Records)
A concentrated, one-target single-mindedness of purpose in classic thrash defines Tormentress, a band that privileges sharp guitar-centered speed, shredding and a festival of endless riffs. For Tormentress the idea of traditional, classic thrash is not a problem or an issue, but rather a music to be celebrated with pride. You will hear inspiration from 80s Bay Area, of course, and also German bands like Destruction, Tankard and Kreator, this latter band they cover in the form of the old and appropriate song “Tormentor.” End of story: this is thrash for people obsessed with the speed and accuracy of the genre.
Tormentress - Mutilator (Operation Torment)
Tormentress - Why (Operation Torment)

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