Thursday, September 25, 2014

FREE album of aggro heavy metal ARTHOIS (Argentina)

plays a form of aggro heavy metal with thrash and groove components. The vocals are in Spanish. Below is the link for the free name-your-price album called "Ideas difíciles" ("Difficult Ideas"). Listen for yourself and see if you like their take on modern metal.
1. No Necesito 04:30
2. Ahogando Penas En Alcohol 04:11
3. All the Things 04:44
4. Desabastecimiento Cultural 04:10
5. Calles Empedradas 04:41
6. Don't Take My Name in Vain 04:32
7. Simon 03:46
8. Una Vez Mas 03:40
9. Queso Ruso 04:16

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