Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hemoptysis (U.S.): Misanthropic Slaughter This is a self-release. The name of the band is slightly strange, maybe. The name of the album is a generic metal title, slightly moronic or downright moronic. The artwork—zombies and gore—for the album is stupid and infantile.
Thus, This band does not make a good impression. BUT, and this is a huge but: The music is good.
In this case, people have to overlook the stupid things mentioned already. A song like “Shadow of Death”, which has ‘metal hit’ written all over it, has a shredding, melodic thrash quality. It’s a catchy song, with a very good opening mini-solo and a fun, extended guitar solo that rocks. So, am I saying the music is NOT stupid? Exactly. There’s talent in this band.
It’s not just the guitar solos, though. It’s the way that each song revolves around the almighty riff for creating headbanging music. The band is in the category of thrash. The shrieked vocals and the extended guitar soloing round out the features of the band. The energetic drumming fits the music really well.
“The Cycle” is a thrash attack, “Hopeless” is festival of riffs, “Impending Doom” is a call to get off your glutes and start moving, “Blood Storm” blends thrash, melodic black metal and great guitar solos.
On the other hand, if a listener does not like thrash, I doubt they would like this band, why, with the all thrashing going on here and whatnot. Hemoptysis should reconsider their image, though. People judge a book by the cover. And the cover of this book is less than hot. After all, it is possible that not everyone listening to this music is a 13-year-old kid obsessed with zombies, vampires and gore.

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