Thursday, May 24, 2012

fascist black metal and Greece

Blabbermouth recently ran a news story about a black metal bassist in a Greek band that got elected to the Greek parliament. He is from the fascist black metal band Naer Mataron and he was making racist declarations, against immigrants., which just ran interview with black metallers Erevos (pictured here) from Greece, wanted to get Erevos’ views on the relation between racism and black metal.
Fuglymaniacs asked: What do you think about this admiration of fascist dictators, like Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and others?
Is there a scene of fascist black metal bands and fans, that promotes hatred and murder of foreigners, and Jewish people?
In Greece there are fascist political parties. Some people are voting for them. Who is voting for fascism? What do you think about all this?
Erevos vocalist Growler responded, saying:
There were rumors about Naer Mataron and their beliefs. There have been many incidents at their live shows in the past. It is true now that their bassist, Kaiadas, is in the parliament and he belongs in the Golden Dawn’s party…
They don’t admit, officially in our media, that they admire those persons, but all of us who we remember Golden Dawn before the elections; we know their extreme ideology. Particularly, they were against immigrants (illegal or not). Now we know that they are against homosexuals, religions (everything but Orthodoxies and the Ancient Greek Religion) and everyone who has avoided the mandatory army.
The NS black metal scene is not only in Greece, it is everywhere. They have a certain group of fans, but this group is limited. The real problem in those bands is that they concentrate more on the ideology than the music. For us, every genre of metal is about MUSIC, not political ideologies!
As we said before there is the NS black metal scene, which promotes those ideas but it doesn’t locate only in Greece. In fact, the whole thing started from Norway, we think.
There are no serious fascist parties; the only extreme group is golden dawn. There is a big problem with illegal immigrants in Greece and especially in Athens, because the governments until now couldn’t do anything to protect their citizens. In contrary, they wanted those immigrants for their votes, without caring for the quality of life, neither for immigrants nor for locals. As a result, the citizens got angry from all those exhausted and irrational measures and naturally turned against the different, so they voted an extremist group just to avenge the politicians. So we believe that this was a desperate movement from the Greek people. Greeks are not fascist, they invented Democracy!
Racism, sexism, nationalism, fascism belong to the past. They are ideologies which must be vanished, because they are keeping humanity back, although there are still sexist residues in the Mediterranean countries. www.fuglymaniacs .com

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