Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Setherial (Sweden)

Setherial (Sweden): Ekpyrosis (Regain Records)
Their plan of action is:
1. Maintain the grim black metal vocals necro, raw and painful.
2. Maintain the guitar tone, sound and style as traditional black metal.
3. Maintain the overall sound of the band in the black metal totality.
4. Now that the foundation has been established, use that base for songs in different directions, moods and speeds, without such rules as, “All the songs have to be 100 percent blasting all the time,” “There will be no guitar solos,” “There will be no melody,” etc.

The first listen will give the feeling that more than a few spings are necessary to figure out the twists and turns. Basically, the first listen shows this is black metal with the values of raw/necro but with an upfront production. Later on, the songs will make more sense.
Firebreathing necro black metal with a good sound, prog, technical, guitar solos, tremolo riffing like there’s no tomorrow, blasting, throat-killing vocals, catchiness, headbangingness; midpaced and frenzied and ridiculously aggressive, fist-in-the-air, air guitar moments, and a little of bit of melody: it’s all here. All the songs are strong and there is never anything like filler moments; any one of these eight songs (some 44 minutes of music) is an example of this album. Just don’t expect a one-dimensional work in which each song sounds the same as the previous one because they are trying to prove how “fast” they are or how “true” they are or whatever. They know what they are doing and do it well: good songwriting.

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