Friday, August 31, 2018

released today: Panzer Squad

Panzer Squad
Testimony Records
Panzer Squad assembles crust fury with primal thrash with raw black metal in order to construct their monster: a rumbling bass-guitar-heavy bestial thrashing defending the unholy zeal for old-style recording vibes of raucous street squatter punk extreme metal. Panzer Squad wants to show the grimy underbelly of homelessness, drugs, violence, unemployment, decay, degeneration, disgust and the brutality of the law of the jungle that mercilessly governs the streets and the nights of the class-divided planet Earth where the humans live their lives in fear and suspicion of each other in what they insist on calling civilization; the laws of the ruling class.
If a band were to have such an aim with its music, how could it be able to mold their loud rock and roll to speak their truth that they have chosen to illustrate? It is no hypothetical proposition for this German band. It is what they do through the spirit of d beat crust punk and barbarian extreme metal thrashing through every song like it is their last song ever, like their band is going to break up right now doing the last hurrah or like their equipment is going to fail them now. Long live rock and roll, indeed.
[by MMB]

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