Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sacrament ov Impurity

The indefatigable Mount Vernon, Washington black metal craftsmen have a new album that they are conspiring at the moment and it will be called The Purest of Sins. Formed back in 2007, they have the following discography, as listed according to Metal Archives.
Live Sacrifice live album 2008
Umbilical Parricide / Sacrament ov Impurity Split 2010
A World Beheld by Damnation album 2010
Blood Mass in Ballard video 2011
Live Demo 2012
Anguishing in Obscurity album 2013
All the Colors of the Dark album 2015
Raise your ears to the call of the impure sacrament here:
See the band live this Friday in Everett and this Saturday in Bellingham, Washington. They will play with Hellgoat and Vimur.
9/16 Everett, WA @ Tony V's
9/17 Bellingham, WA @ Make.Shift

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