Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NEWS: Lanfear

The Code Inherited
Release date: July 1st, 2016
Label: Pure Legend Records
Prog power long-running act Lanfear (Germany) has a new album of high quality traditional melodic metal for the discerning and picky audiences with high standards. Listen for yourself to one of the new songs at the link below.
OFFICIAL: Four years after „This Harmonic Consonance“ the unique LANFEAR come up with their new album „The Code Inherited“. Once again they mix their Metal with lots of power and melody. A monolithic album with an exceptional singer (Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes) and sublime songwriting, led by mastermind/guitarist Markus „Ulle“ Ullrich. Outstanding tracks as „Converging Saints“ and „Evidence Based Ignorance“ are in the classical LANFEAR style while the band undoubtedly is also influenced by proggresive and sophisticated genres. Powerful songs as „The Delusionist“ are on an international level and NEVERMORE or COMMUNIC would have loved to present material like that in their harmonic days.
One of the most melodic tracks on the album is „The Opaque Hourglass“. With the piano driven chorus this will surely be a fave amongst the fans. The terrific „Self-Assembled“ starts almost gently until fat guitar riffs blend in and the whole song explodes and becomes very heavy.
As a bonus and just for the fun of it LANFEAR present their very own Bryan Adams song with „Summer of 89“. Sounds like ECLIPSE would play it and the lyrics deal with the times you never experienced, the days before your birth and long before your first f###. Incredible!
BIO: The band was founded in 1993 and released five albums so far – all of them critically acclaimed. LANFEAR play powerful and melodic Metal with a progressive edge. Originality, subliminal details and intelligent songwriting combined with haunting melodies and the constant urge to evolve – that’s what it’s all about! Certainly not the easy way to success in the superficial pseudo-scene of these days - but LANFEAR don’t give a ****!
No breakdowns, no kilts, no horns, no make up, no swords, no rockstar-dom, no support by mass media – no hot air! It's the music that matters! LANFEAR play 100% underrated Metal exclusively!

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