Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bell Witch: funeral doom from Washington state, U.S.

Bell Witch
Bell Witch is a doom band with two people:
Dylan Desmond: bass/vocals
Adrian Guerra: drums/vocals
Metal Archives says that the band started in 2010 and gives three works as the discography, starting with the “Bell Witch” demo from 2011, a four-song recording of about 37 minutes. In 2012 the first album, “Longing,” was released, a work that lasts about one hour and seven minutes. This album is six tracks and you can hear the complete recording at Bandcamp. This album is recommended to listeners that are really into funeral death doom. For instance, the first song “Balls (of Flesh”) is over 21 minutes. It is best that you settle down, or let the music settle you down, calm your body down and let it take you on the journey, in slow motion. t’s heavy, slow and atmosphere is of the highest importance, an exploration of slow sounds.
In 2015 they have a new album called “Four Phantoms” on Profound Lore Records. The new album is another monument of about one hour and six minutes, divided into four parts. These doomsters have begun to hit pay dirt as Bell Witch and the new album is the evidence of that. Forget the fast life of the city for a while and take it slow, away from school, work, stress and traffic.
Bell Witch at The Slidebar, Fullerton. 8-18-14 (Full set)

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