Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emptiness (review)

Emptiness  (Belgium): Error               (Dark Descent Records)
Super doom sludge midpaced steady massive dark heaviness, with moments of black metal riffs, shades of prog, but the central thing is that it is cold, unmelodic doom-sludge groove landscapes. Emptiness wants to take their very fat, 50-ton anvil of sound as far as they can. They would like you to join, as long as you have the patience to be dragged through caves and swamps of darkness and sludge. I have listened to Emptiness quite a bit and they have convinced me with their landscapes of doom-death-black-sludge.  It’s a nice feeling when you begin to understand the music, you just have not let the extreme heaviness and coldness of sound cause confusion. These are good songs, but surrounded by gigantic clouds of fog that are there to make it a little bit of puzzle to figure things out.

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