Saturday, July 31, 2021

My Haven -- big melodies, big choruses from Finland

My Haven
Pure Steel Records
August 6th 2021
My Haven is a Finnish melodic band that looks to the 1980s as the fountain of inspiration. Their style is the prototypical European heavy/power blend of keyboards, big choruses, melodic singing and a very enthusiastic embrace of 1980s music that combines rock and pop. The listener might hear some echoes of the radio and MTV bands, like Europe, Def Leppard and Whitesnake, and also pop like Flock of Seagulls and Pet Shop Boys. Of course, we do not know for a fact that they specifically like those bands, but those are some references for the reader to get an idea of the sound. For all we know, the band might say that they do not like Pet Shop Boys, and that their favorite band is actually Erasure, or that they don't care for Europe, that they prefer Night Ranger or Dokken. However, the point is that your 1980s-loving grandparents will be amused to hear their grandchild listening to music without any growling, screaming nor breakdowns. They will say, "Look at you, Angie! Honey, like, I'm thrilled that, like, for once you are enjoying music that does not, you know, sound like farm animals having a brawl in the barn! Totally awesome!"
The songs go from melodic rockers, to anthems to ballads, just like Def Leppard used to sequence their albums. The production is nice and easy on the ears, and very contemporary with lots of studio magic on everything. My Haven would sound natural and logical at your local rock radio station when they play that 80s Scorpions, Europe, Whitesnake, except that the DJ would say, "...and we wrapped up that set with 'Here I Go Again' and after these commercials we'll have some new blood from Finland for fans of 80s rock!" And so it is. My Haven is 1980s-style ear candy, and proud of it. We suspect that the German fans are going to love this band. Once those fans hear these songs, fugget about it, the wheels will begin to roll on to more stages across Europe, and Japan. Set your clock back to 1987, we’re going back to the future, Marty!
MY HAVEN - Introduction
MY HAVEN - Found Not Forgotten (Official Music Video)
MY HAVEN - The Hell I Died For (Official Lyric Video)

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