Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Overwrought comes to Everett this Thursday

Overwrought is melodic extreme metal from the state of Washington. The name is relatively new to this publication. Apparently, the band formed in 2016. Earlier this year they made their first recording available and it is simply called Demo 2018. Said recording is three songs. The first song is called “Blinded by Time” (6:01). It begins calmly only to kick up the tempo to a good headbanging pace. It is not blasting speed, but rather a melodic black metal uptempo rocking feel. “Vigil” (6:56) demonstrates quite a bit of a dark melodic vibe that is the sound of the band. A good sense of the song is a midtempo, steady rocking pace, which then gives way to some blasting and the classic-style melodic black metal is then present in full view. Very promising. The recording closes with “Wander” (6:32). This last song feels like the band keeps the midtempo energy going longer, and the black metal vocals and the drums have quite a bit of room to shine, and then at the end the songs goes considerably slower and the melodic guitar work comes to the forefront. The song communicates a statement of purpose: this is Overwrought. Overall, the recording will leave you wondering how much further they can go in working, developing and improving this good beginning for them.

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